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Healing demonstration in a Mexican Shopping Center

While shopping in Guadalajara (Mexico), I prayed for a woman whose elbows were in pain. After two prayers (in the name of Jesus) her pain was cut in half and was visibly relieved. Continue reading

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My girlfriend´s nose immediately healed

My girlfriend has suffered for two months from extreme dryness in the nose. The doctor prescribed a medication for the issue, but when she would blow her nose, it would bleed. After two prayers in the name of Jesus, the nose instantly healed. Continue reading

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VIDEO: After prayer, woman is able to move without pain

Sofi received relief and an immediate change in her knees after declaring the power of Jesus Christ over her body. The doctors said that her knees needed painful injections and, if that didn’t work, surgery. Sofi was one of our translators in Guadalajara and the morning after the prayer, she kept squatting while translating for us because the change was so significant! Continue reading

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Healing & Prophecy: My dream in Guadalajara

Chris, I guarantee that during the trip you will be manifesting the gift of prophecy. I will teach you everything. Continue reading

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