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VIDEO: Teaching on Healing 2-11-12

Click the above link to see the video of my teaching on healing this last Saturday in San Diego, California. The teaching is titled “Healing Evangelism.” It explains how over 100 people have been healed in the last 26 months, with exactly 50 people surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ in that time frame. Continue reading

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Man reads this website; surrenders to God

I never met this man, but after reading about healing on this website, he contacted me and turned his life over to Jesus that same evening. Continue reading

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VIDEO: The Grocery Store Healing (this clip was a MAJOR influence on my healing ministry)

23-year-old goes to the grocery store for donuts and all heaven breaks loose. He gets on the store intercom and announces healing: Hearing restored (better than before), hip healed, carpal tunnel healed, and many confess Jesus as Lord. Continue reading

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Boy’s deformed chest begins healing & changes shape

We rebuked deformation in Jesus name.
Conrad (receiving a “word of knowledge”): “bones are moving in his chest.”
Me (to translator): “Don’t translate that yet to Miguel!”
Miguel: “I felt things moving in my chest.” Continue reading

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3 healings (arm healed before I could finish asking)

Me: “In the name of Jesus Christ….”
It stopped! I hadn’t even asked God for the healing and he healed it right then and there! This struck me as so incredible and loving that I could not stop laughing. It might sound odd, but that God would bring healing at just the utterance of the name of Jesus Christ gave me so much joy.
Victoria kept twisting her arm in amazement. Continue reading

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Salvation & Prophecy: God gives prophetic image of next person to accept Jesus

It is interesting to point out that I was less interested in leading Raymond to the Lord than in getting him healed. The security of his soul is FAR more important, yet the physical manifestation of something so harassing (turrets), was the real challenge to me. Continue reading

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Preparation for Raising the Dead

Louie, I want to start going to some mortuaries, or something, and practice our faith! To be honest, I see something like this causing MAJOR revival across the world. Louie, we’ve got to find some dead people. Continue reading

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