Healing demonstration in a Mexican Shopping Center

Claudia and Eduardo

Three days ago, while window shopping at Plaza del Sol (a popular shopping center in Guadalajara Mexico), I recognized a woman named Claudia and her husband Eduardo.  They attend a church in Guadalajara where I have guest ministered for three out of the last four years.  I waved “hello” to them and we began talking.  They had a couple of relatives with them, so after some small talk, I asked if anyone needed healing.

Claudia (in Spanish):

I do!  My elbows.


What is the problem?


I have pain in my elbows.  When I move like this (motioning), it hurts.  I played tennis for many years and I spent the last five days knitting, so my elbows are really hurting.


On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad is the pain?


It is an 8 or a 9.

We began to pray.  In the name of Jesus, we rebuked the pain and damage to her elbows.  After the prayer she indicated that her elbows were unchanged.

We prayed again.  Claudia was visibly surprised by an obvious change as she flexed her elbows.


What number is the pain now?


It is a 4!

Claudia was thrilled.  We prayed another time without much further change, but the difference after the first prayer was such a big deal to her that before we parted ways she said something very meaningful…


I will never forget this day because I found you in this mall to pray for me.  Because of this, I know God hasn´t forgotten me.

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