Woman Experiences Immediate Healing in Her Foot

Rash radically diminishes

After speaking at a healing workshop this morning, a woman named Michelle approached me for healing.  This is a fun one, because after I declared healing over her in Jesus’ name, I told her to take a seat and thank God for her healing.  Instead, she was so convinced that she was instantaneously healed that she went to the bathroom to check!

Here is the testimony in her own words…

I had a rash on my foot that hadn’t gone away for years and all the doctors tried all kinds of medicine and nothing worked.  And then after Chris prayed for me, I knew what I felt in my spirit…that I was healed.  So I went to the bathroom…took off my shoe and my sock and it (the rash) had shrunk a huge amount.  It was WAY smaller…and I praise God that I am healed!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This testimony was videotaped, but the audio is out-of-synch.  This should be corrected within the next few weeks.

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