VIDEO: The blind (3) receive their sight in Mexico

The blind receive sight

Cancer healed in May.  Cerebral Palsy healed in August.  Blindness now healed in September.  Now, I’m hoping to see the dead raised before the end of the year….seriously.  I first tried to raise the dead in August of 2010 and most recently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) two days ago.  Shouldn’t we take Jesus’ words seriously?

Matthew 10:8 (Jesus speaking)…

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!

Last Saturday, I took eighteen individuals to Tijuana, Mexico.  The purpose of the trip was to preach about Jesus and then be used by God to perform many miracles.

Matthew 16:20…

And the disciples went everywhere and preached, and the Lord worked through them, confirming what they said by many miraculous signs.

This mission was particularly exciting for me because there were so many who came representing different churches.  Many of them had never witnessed a healing, but having read this blog, they were curious and wanted in.  Curiosity, when it comes to the things of God, is a VERY good thing!


One individual, Brandon, drove himself and a friend all the way from San Jose.  Brandon and I had previously not ministered together, but having read his blog, I was anxious to do so.  Brandon is 21 years old and has participated in hundreds of works of healing.  We met a few months ago to talk about our healing ministries, but Saturday was our first opportunity to join forces and bring the Kingdom of God together.

Eighteen of us met at my office where Brandon did a five-minute training on “How to Heal the Sick.”  Be sure to click the link below to view this brief training because it shows the sheer simplicity of how Jesus taught the disciples to heal.  It is not complicated, yet few will step-out and do it.  In a moment, you will see what happened in Tijuana, Mexico, when eighteen of us stepped-out and were used by God to heal.

We crossed the border into Mexico and then, in keeping with tradition, did the most crucial thing first: ate tacos.  This is such a bonding experience and there are always lots of laughs.

(Click thumbnails below for larger image)

                      Sandra                        Marc                    The Team              Felicia and Esther               Mario and Chris        

The church where we were headed was advertising the evening service as a “Saturday of Miracles! Let God do the impossible.”

Church Promotional Poster: "Saturday of Miracles!"

We were all very excited.  The service started

Dirk w/Mario translating

with worship and then a message from Dirk Rowe.  After the message, Pastor Mario brought both Brandon and myself to the pulpit.  To create an environment of faith, Brandon and I gave several recent examples of healing.

Brandon testifying

Then I called our healing team to the front of the church.


We are going to invite all of you who have an illness to come forward to be healed.  I don’t care whether it’s a cold or cancer, a relationship healing, or a physical healing.  Our God is “Healer”.

In all other services where I have made this invitation, there will be one or two elderly ladies who will come forward, get healed, and then the ball gets rolling with a steady stream of people coming forward.  On this night, it seemed that most EVERYONE in this full church made their way to the front to be healed!  It was more than I had seen (in one group) asking for healing.  Frankly, I was overwhelmed.

As each person was getting healed, I instructed the team to have their translator announce the “before and after” healing over the microphone (in Spanish) to the entire congregation.  As always, the healing popped like popcorn…and tears of joy flowed.

The following is a synopsis of SOME of the healing that six of our eighteen teammates witnessed Saturday night…


As the service was starting, Brandon prayed for a blind man named José outside of the church.  Though José initially only saw a little bit of improvement, after the service, José was in tears with how much healing had swept over him.  He tearfully declared that he could see “much better.”  Teammate Carmen Torres reported that “as we were praying, José’s eyes began clearing up and his eyesight did too.”  In the video clip, you can see Jose approach the church with one hand being guided by a woman and the other hand holding a white cane (for the blind).

The first person to approach me was a young woman on crutches who was obviously in

Brandon and the woman with crutches

excruciating pain…She did not stop crying.  She even asked that I NOT touch her as I prayed.  I declared healing in Jesus’ name, but there didn’t seem to be any noticeable change.  I asked her to sit down for about 15 minutes while I prayed for some of the others and if her condition did not improve, I would pray with her again.  The next time I saw her, Brandon was praying with her.  She was taking steps WITHOUT THE CRUTCHES!!  Brandon later told me that the force of her weeping over the pain was matched with the force of her weeping with joy!

Teammate Marc Chew (on his first healing trip) reported the following:

Marc's report:

When I first got to Mexico, I felt a little out-of-place.  I’ve never really healed anyone or even prayed for healing for somebody…let alone a person I could not really even communicate with.  When we got to the church…I felt pretty nervous and just tagged along and watched….Then Chris called us up to the front to pray for people.  Personally, I have never seen so many people hungry for a miracle in my life.

Marc doesn’t notice any change after praying for his first person.

I pray for her for about five minutes and I don’t see any big change.  Afterward, I walked over to another lady.  Rosario (my translator) said that the lady could not really hear out of her left ear.  I commanded the pain to leave and she told me it got a little better.  I prayed for her about six more times after that and at the end she said she had been healed.  This was the first healing I have ever seen in my life, so I was kind of shocked as well.  Then she started to cry and just thank Jesus and thank me and I gave her a huge hug.  It was pretty sweet.

I then met another lady who was holding her chest pretty tightly.  She had pain in her breast and a lump.  I took her hand and commanded the lump to go away and the pain to leave.  In just one shot, all the pain left and she was super happy.

Marc then receives a prophetic “word of knowledge” about a very personal matter with that woman.  When he mentions it to her, she breaks down in tears.  He prays regarding the personal matter and the woman receives deep and well-needed peace.  Later, Marc talks to someone else needing prayer.


She said she had a big pain in her shoulder.  At this point, having just witnessed someone being healed for the first time, I told Rosario (my translator) that SHE could heal people as well.  I told her to command all the pain to leave.  She did so and I did too.  After we prayed a couple of times, the lady said all the pain was gone.

Marc then gets another prophetic word of knowledge for the woman’s husband.  It brings the man to tears.  Marc prays with him and the man is encouraged and at peace.

Felicia's report:

Our teammate Felicia Jin prayed for many and watched numerous miracles, but this one was for was an elderly woman with a cane.


She broke both her legs 15 years ago and had a bunch of back problems.  I told her legs to be strengthened and everything to be made new in Jesus’ name.  I told her to test it out, and she started to walk without her cane!  I forgot what % better it got, but she said she was good  :)

Another teammate, Dirk Rowe, reported the following:

Dirk's report:

My daughters Abigail (13) and Grace (8) spoke healing to a young man who injured his back while playing football and said that it hurt to stand up straight and that it REALLY hurt if he tried to jump.  After a short, simple prayer, he said that the pain was gone and he stood up straight.  He began jumping.  In fact, he was so excited that he jumped into the team praying for the blind and disabled woman next to us.

Another teammate, Carmen Torres (on her first healing trip) reported the following:

Carmen's report:

A woman named Martha had pain in her knees and a hernia in her abdomen.  During prayer, she felt a tingling in her legs and felt it rising up in her body.  Her pain was gone and she was able to stand pain-free.

A woman named Maria had swelling, pain, and abdominal bloating.  After prayer, the bloating and the pain completely went away.

Another woman named Maria had pain in her left arm (lasting two weeks).  After prayer, she stated that she was feeling warmth that started from her heart down to her arm and she was then able to raise her arm with no pain.

A man named Armando had pain in his left upper leg (lasting two weeks).  He asked, “Am I supposed to feel warmth?”  His pain was gone.  He was able to stand straight with no pain.

A woman named Ana Maria had broken her left hand about 6 months ago and was limited in movement due to the pain.  She was unable to touch her pinky to her thumb, and had tightness in the ligaments of her hand.  After prayer, she felt warmth and tingling.  She was then able to open and close her hand, touch her pinky to her thumb, and carry her bag with a tight grip.

Teammate Sandra Zuniga (on her first healing trip) reported the following:

Sandra's report:

An elderly man named Ramon came walking to church before the service.  He was very slow and used a cane…Ramon told us that he had very bad pain in his right knee.  It was so bad that he couldn’t even touch it.  We prayed for him and he said he hadn’t felt this great in a while.  With tears in his eyes, he gave glory to God as he moved both knees!  He freely walked up the church steps.

A woman named Marili had been badly burned about 20 years


ago.  She had severe pain in her hands and said they always hurt.  She told us about the burns and how she had not been able to lift her arms up at all.  Now, she was raising them.  She is free!

A man named Hugo had dry mouth and burning pain in his trunk area (lasting a few weeks).  Mario (the pastor’s son) and I prayed and he was a little better, but still not good.  Then Mario got a vision about giving him water to drink, symbolizing the living water of Jesus that would be flowing through him.  So he drank and sat for a minute….and he was healed.  Then 30 mins or so later, he now had a very bad pain in the nape of his neck.  He said that it was very hot.  I felt it and it was hot.  He said it was weird because it was an old injury that he had not had a problem with in years.  I told him that is how the enemy works; he tries to bring up the old junk when we get breakthrough.  We prayed and he was completely healed!  Later, I saw him with his baby girl, moving and playing with her as if nothing had happened!  Glory to God.

Teammate Esther Rendon (on her first healing trip) reported the following…

Esther's report:

The first person I prayed for (I believe her name was Delfina) had pain in her chest and she felt like her heart was not strong.  She said she wasn’t able to climb up a staircase or jump because she would not be able to breathe.  Dirk and I placed our hands on her and prayed.  She noticed a change, so Dirk asked her to jump and she did.  There was so much joy in her face as she jumped repeatedly.  I asked her if she wanted to climb the stairs and she said yes.  I was behind her as she climbed, and before she got to the top she looked up and said, “This is the spot where my heart would start to give out on me and it would take me about 5 minutes just to climb this one step.”  She conquered that step with no problem!  :)

The tears you see in the video clip are tears of JOY.


Another woman asked for prayer and said she needed it for EVERYTHING: arms, legs, stomach, and mid and lower back.  You (Chris) waited for the Holy Spirit to talk to you and we started praying.  She was relieved of lower back and arm pain instantly.

Those testimonies are from young men and women who are hungry to be used by God to bring the Kingdom of God from heaven to earth!  Almost all of them had never witnessed a healing prior to this night.  I too witnessed much healing that night (similar to what I have documented from my teammates), but one that sticks out is about a woman named Alicia.

Alicia was next in line and she was legally blind in her left eye.  We asked her how much

Alicia: blind eye 100% healed

she could see and she said “40%.”  After touching her eyelid with my thumb and asking “what do you see?”, Alicia initially didn’t answer.  Instead, she opened her eyes and began sobbing ….praising God with her arms in the air.  She declared that her vision went from 40% to 70%!  We continued praying, but with no effect.  Then, Alicia suddenly started getting pain in her neck and shoulders…then the pain started moving to Alicia’s head.  Our teammate Felicia discerned that due to the pain moving around Alicia’s body, she noted that it was not a physical problem, but a spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:11).  Felicia commanded the spirit to leave and the pain instantly left!  After she did that, I taught Alicia how to exercise her authority over her blindness in Jesus’ name.  She put her hands over her eyes and claimed her healing.  Alicia’s sight was then restored to 80%, then 90% and then to 100%.  The video below doesn’t show the emotion when Alicia went from 40% to 70%, but it shows me teaching Alicia how to claim her healing.  This healing took time (several prayers), but it was so worth it.  My face ached from smiling.  Because I never want to forget this amazing healing, I saved Alicia’s name badge.  

José: blind eyes 70% healed

When the service ended, we decided to eat tacos again (if you’ve had Tijuana tacos before, you know why).  Dirk and another teammate named Christian approached a man sitting in the corner of the taco shop named José.  It was obvious that something was wrong with his vision, so Dirk and Christian asked if they could pray for him and discovered that he was legally blind (yes, the second blind José).  After Dirk and Christian prayed healing over his eyes, José declared that he could see 70% better!

I kept Alicia's name badge

Many Christians today do not believe in modern-day healing.  They believe God is powerful enough to heal, but that the gift of eternal life is really all there is to the cross of Jesus Christ.  My simple response is this: Tell that to Alicia…she is no longer blind.

Matthew 16:20…

And the disciples went everywhere and preached, and the Lord worked through them, confirming what they said by many miraculous signs.

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  1. Love, love, love, LOVE this!

    Such a faith builder, you guys are stretching me to go after more. The church needs this desperately! Please continue to post these testimonies!

  2. imremogheri says:

    I love that good news of God performed with signs and wonders in the mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.Hallelujah!!Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Sandra says:

    Wow Chris, this is a great recap…you captured the night so well!!!

  4. PadonkMum says:

    Wow! God is so amazing….so many people settle for whats on the surface!

  5. Sounds like so much fun I wanna go heal a ton of people!

  6. Kevin Peacock says:

    Great artical & great testimoneys to the power of God. thankyou

  7. Esther says:

    Reading this, I can place myself there again… And to think this is just a recap of that night! How great is our God? So Great! My heart will sing… How Great is our God! Forever and a day.

  8. Thanks for sharing. Very encouraged! Keep it up!

  9. Wow. Awesome Jesus!! Wonderful testimonies!!

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